Loretta was absolutely FANTASTIC throughout our whole process!
~ Chris & Teri Nagy
We used Loretta to both buy our home and sell it. We had a great experience with her when we bought our home we used her when we sold it too.
~ Nick & Melissa Ellers
Loretta was a fantastic partner in this journey. She is sharp, attentive and kind. I feel like she had our best interest at heart.
~ Ty Legan
Super helpful and honest.
~ Justin & Jennifer Wolpert
Very professional in her marketing approach and easy to work with even if strange situations develop during the the sale period. Needless to say we had some very weird situations develop.
~ Bill & Gerri Burk
She is on top of her game constantly and was very quick with everything. Very kind and helpful. 10/10 would recommend!
~ Dylan Campbell
Loretta was incredibly hands on. Even now, after the sale is complete, she still checks in to see how everything is going. During the process of purchasing she spent countless hours checking into details and making phone calls on our behalf. She fought for us when needed but also backed up the sellers requests when fitting. She really does aim to be fair and just for everyone involved... buyer and seller. I highly recommend Loretta.
~ Travis & Julia Garner
Knowledge of building construction, what is good and not so good.
~ David & Linda Sienicki